All You Need to Know About Anorectal Manometry for Orlando Patients


Anorectal manometry is a relatively common procedure. The scientific name can sound intimidating, but this test can actually be instrumental in helping determine the root of your gastroenterology problems. But what exactly is the procedure? An anorectal manometry Orlando provider breaks down everything you need to know.


What is Anorectal Manometry?


You may need an anorectal manometry if you or your child is suffering from gastrointestinal issues such as:

  • Constipation (less than 3 bowel movements per week)
  • Incontinence (inability to control the bowels)
  • or Hirschsprung’s Disease (which can cause intestinal blockage in children)

The procedure is not a treatment – it’s a test. At Orlando Gastroenterology, our GI experts use this type of test to give you an accurate diagnosis so that we can get you started with the right treatment.

It works by testing muscles and movements of the anal region, such as the neural reflexes responsible for regular bowel movements, the responsiveness and pressure of the anal sphincter muscles, and the sensations in the rectum.

This is a very common procedure. It is safe, very low-risk, and takes very little time. The only potential complications are incredibly rare, but they include the possibility of perforation or bleeding of the rectum.


How Should You Prepare?


For at least two hours before meeting your anal manometry Orlando provider, you should refrain from eating or drinking. If you have regular medications you need to take, you must do so prior that two-hour window. If you are diabetic, you may need to adjust your medications if necessary.

It is also suggested to take one or two enemas two hours prior to clean your rectum.These can easily be purchased from a local supermarket or pharmacy.


What Is the Procedure Like?


The test is a quick procedure which typically takes around or less than half an hour. It’s understandable to feel nervous about this type of procedure, but our compassionate physicians will walk you through it.

  1. You will have to disrobe and put on a hospital gown, which you will be given privacy to do. Once in the gown, you will be asked to lay on your left side.
  2. To begin the procedure, the doctor performing the test will insert a small, flexible tube – approximately the size of the average thermometer – into the rectum. The tube will also have a small balloon at the end.This catheter is hooked up to a small machine, which is how the pressure and necessary information will be taken down.
  3. In order to get accurate readings, the doctor will ask you to squeeze, push, and relax at different times. During each of these movements, readings are taken. The actions imitate to actions of preventing anything from coming out, or, alternatively, having a regular bowel movement.

Throughout the test, the small balloon will be slightly inflated to measure the pressure and access the normal reflex pathways.

When the procedure is over, you can readily drive yourself home and go about your normal daily activities.


Call to Schedule an Appointment


As an anorectal manometry Orlando provider, we perform this procedure at our clinic all the time. Our medical professionals are courteous and skilled and will get you the results you need as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any problem that could be diagnosed with anorectal manometry, contact us today to schedule your test!