Why You Need To Book An Appointment with your Orlando Gastroenterology Doctor


Has your Orlando gastroenterology procedure been booked yet? Do you have a doctor in Orlando that ordered your local Orlando colonoscopy procedure to be done and you have questions about what to expect or why it is being done? If your colonoscopy Orlando doctor ordered it, there must be a reason. Some people will have this done before they reach a certain age for reasons such as genetics or risk of cancer while others will wait until the age comes that all men should have the exam done by.


What is the colonoscopy procedure exactly?


A colonoscopy is going to be a test that is performed that will allow the doctor to view the inner lining of the large intestine and rectum as well as the colon. They will use a thin and flexible tube known as the colonoscope that will look at the colon. This device will help to spot any signs of tumor, inflammation and bleeding. The procedure will help by collecting tissue samples through a biopsy procedure where any abnormal growth can be removed.


Signs of Cancer?


If you are at a higher risk for developing colon cancer, the Orlando colonoscopy can be used as a tool for screening that will allow the doctor to search for cancer or any signs of precancerous growths of the colon or rectum. Once inserted, the doctor is going to be viewing the intestine, rectum and colon on a screen which enhances the images to make it easier to see everything. He or she will be using a video camera that will take video as well as images.


Prepping for the Orlando Colonoscopy


In the days leading up to your colonoscopy, the Orlando gastroenterology doctor will order that your colon be cleaned out. For this to happen, you will be placed onto the clear liquid diet and will most definitely be hungry. For most people, the prepping for the test is far worse than the actual test itself. Your bowel prep is going to be the worst as you should be prepared to be near standby of the bathroom the whole night before the test. This is to ensure that your colon is as cleaned out as possible to allow the doctor to view better.


The bowel prep and colon prep is going to cause your stool to be loose as well as frequent. You may develop diarrhea which will allow for thee colon to be completely empty. You will be given a special drink to use in order to allow the colon to be cleaned out. The solution used for the procedure is going to be salty tasting so be sure to have something to drink once you have drank it to remove the nasty taste.

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