Orlando Gastroenterology: Doctors Specializing in Barrett’s Esophagus Disorder


Have you been seeing your local Orlando Gastroenterology doctor for some time now because you suffer from GERD? The esophagus in a normal person who does not suffer from heartburn or GERD will have a normal lining of the esophagus while someone who suffers from chronic heartburn will not. There are around ten percent of people who have chronic GERD troubles will develop Barrett’s esophagus.

There are no specific symptoms associated with Barrett’s esophagus as there are patients who have this problem and carry no symptoms at all. The reason why you want to make sure that you do not have this disease however is to be scanned for the fatal cancer of the esophagus.

Even though the risk is higher in patients who have the Barrett’s esophagus, the GI Doctor can tell you that less than one percent of people who carry Barrett’s esophagus are actually going to develop the cancer. If you have been told by your local Orlando gastroenterology doctor that you have Barrett’s, you want to make sure that you have routine exams done to rule out this cancer as well as to make sure that the disease hasn’t gotten any worse.

How Do You Get Barrett’s Esophagus?

When you swallow any type of food or liquid it will automatically pass through your esophagus and into your stomach. In your stomach, acid is produced to help aid in the digestion of the food. The esophagus is usually protected from the acid unless there is too much acid or you suffer from GERD or chronic heartburn.

For most people who have acid reflux, they do not develop Barrett’s esophagus, however in patients who have frequent acid reflux, this can cause the cells to be replaced overtime and Barrett’s esophagus can be formed.

Will I Develop Barrett’s Esophagus If I Suffer From GERD?

Not every single person who has Barrett’s esophagus will suffer from GERD and therefore not everyone who has GERD will suffer from Barrett’s esophagus. The long-term GERD however is the primary risk factor for developing it later on down the road.

If you are a white male and have had long-term GERD, you should see the local Orlando Gastroenterology doctor to rule out Barrett’s esophagus. You should be checked if you are showing any other symptom or risk factor for developing the trouble later on down the road. There will be a checklist that the doctor will go over to see if you have the disease and how they can treat the symptoms associated with it.